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auberge d'Arimont
Auberge d'Arimont offers accommodation for up to 45 people, in ten rooms with 2 to 8 beds. There are also some cots available.
Auberge d'Arimont

Auberge d'Arimont is a Friends of Nature House in the Belgian East Cantons on the southern edge of the High Fens Nature Park. Here you will easily find accommodation in a green environment that invites you to engage in sustainable tourism. Walking, cycling and nature exploration are just as natural here as the tranquility that nature exudes.

During the school holidays you are welcome here as a group, family or individual. Outside these periods, the house will be opened if a group makes a reservation for at least 20 people (1 night) or 15 people (2 nights). 
From 25 people (x 2 nights) you can ask to have the house for your group alone.

Membership is not required, but members of ATB de Natuurvrienden, NIVON or JHV do benefit a cheaper rate.

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